Company Information

We are a company that provides
IoT solutions that bring people to life on the manufacturing site!


Solve Factory Issues And Problems
By Creating A System Based On A Field-Oriented Approach.

With an eye on the IoT era, in which manufacturing is connected to the Internet, UNIFACE will propose and provide a wide variety of solutions based on a field-oriented approach, centering on its self-developed IB series of system software, in order to solve the various issues and problems that arise in manufacturing plants.


People, Products, And Companies Will Be Connected
Through Effortless Growth.

Neither a person nor a company can grow or survive on its own. We believe that we can grow and survive by meeting various people, various things, and various companies, and by connecting with them. At UNIFACE, we will continue our activities to spread more wealth by bridging more people, things, and companies with such connections and linkages.

Company Profile!
Company Name
〒460-0002 Marunouchi Newnet Building 4F, 3-16-19 Marunouchi, Naka-ku, Nagoya, Aichi, Japan【Map】
Contact Address
TEL:052-957-2170 FAX:052-957-2171
November 11, 2009.
Capital Stock
10,000,000 YEN
President Ryuichi Imanishi
Management & Finance Yoshinori Murakami
Currently president of Blau, Inc.
Former Director, Kawaijuku Educational Institution. / Former Director, Mizuho Bank, Ltd.
Manufacturing Site Takuo Matsui
Current Position: President, TiM net CO.LTD.
Former President, Shiroki Corporation / Former Managing Director, TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION
Business Description
  1. Package Development And Sales Business
    Manufacturing Execution System: Development and sales of IB-Mes
    A dedicated application for data display:Sales of IB-Skin
    Smart glass app: MIDGLA development and sales of AR navigation system
  2. Contract System Development Business
    Provision of various solutions for the manufacturing industry
    Manufacturing site management systems, production status monitoring systems, logistics management systems, etc.
    SharePoint:Construction and customization of Microsoft products
    Development of smart glass applications
    N/W camera application development
  3. WEB Service Business
    Manufacturing Execution System Cloud service: Operation of IB-Mes Cloud
    Operation of "KOBAI-NETTO", focusing on reverse auctions
Business Partners
BWR Operator Training Center Corporation.
Sou Co., Ltd.
Mie Precision Machining Co., Ltd.
Fuji Seal International, INC.
Naris Cosmetics Co., LTD.
Yamaha Corporation
TOHO GAS Co., Ltd.
Ono Knife MFG. Co., Ltd.
(honorifics omitted, in no particular order)
November 2009
Established UNIFACE Co., Ltd. in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture.
Capital 3 million yen
June 2012
Moved to new location due to expansion of head office.
Marunouchi New Net Building 4C, 3-16-19 Marunouchi, Naka-ku, Nagoya, Aichi, Japan
November 2012
Start building a system for the factory.
April 2014
Expansion of head office
September 2015
Increased capital to 10 million yen
October 2017
IB-Series IB-Skin Sales launch
January 2018
IB-Series IB-Mes Sales launch
Exhibited at UNIFACE's first exhibition: SMART FACTORY Expo (Tokyo Big Sight).
January 2018
IB-Mes First order received
Message From The President

Provide Services that bring people to life on the manufacturing site.

UNIFACE Co., Ltd. Representative Director Ryuichi Imanishi
UNIFACE Co., Ltd. Representative Director Ryuichi Imanishi

Provide services that bring people to life on the manufacturing site.

The reason why our company specializes in factories is because of an encounter with someone. That person was originally a customer of ours, but he believed in our members and taught us how factories work from scratch. He has now become an employee of our company.

Every time I visit factory sites and talk with managers, administrators, and workers, I come to feel that the most important thing for Japanese manufacturing is to share correct information.

  • Executives, managers, and workers are all struggling to improve productivity and quality every single day.
  • Executives want thier managers and workers to be more productive and report more quickly. etc.
  • Managers say to their workers, "Why so many defects occurr?" "Why workers...?"
  • Workers say to thier managers, "Even if you say so, we're doing the best we can."
  • (Of course, please note that this is not the case for all sites.)

I believe that this is often due to the fact that the correct information is not shared with all members, or it is caused by intuition or a judgment that something is wrong. By correctly capturing various events and problems that occur in the field and sharing the data in real time, we can provide convincing explanations, correct evaluations, reduce reckless requests to workers, and increase the operation rate and decrease the defect rate by analyzing the phenomena. By analyzing the phenomena, various problems have been solved. As a result, the front line (managers and workers) became more energetic, and naturally started to take actions such as improvement activities to improve productivity and quality.

By witnessing such sites over and over again, I have come to want to propose various systems to as many sites as possible, and by having them use them, I want to see the faces of the people at the sites become more lively. We believe that manufacturing will lead to better products, better workplaces, better human relations, and a better company if the people at the workplaces become more energetic, and we will spare no effort every day to become a company that can provide good mechanisms.

President Ryuichi Imanishi