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Flexible andon software
for intuitive and easy to understand data display

Easily customize the display screen
Easy to change layout and add display items

#01 Concept And Features Of IB-Skin
Andon software that allows you to easily create and customize your own display screens
in the same way you create PowerPoint documents.

IB-Skin is a flexible andon software that displays various results (progress status of each line, operation status, defect status, etc.) via a web browser, and updates the information in real time by linking each object based on information from DB or CSV.
The display components (e.g., clip art, photos, etc.) can be customized.
In addition, customers can easily create and customize their own display screens by dragging and dropping display components, just like creating PowerPoint documents. This makes it possible to flexibly respond to layout changes and additional display items without incurring additional costs.

  • Displayed on a web browser, so it can be displayed on a variety of devices and displays.
  • Real-time data display.
  • Easy creation with a PowerPoint-like feeling.
  • Can be displayed remotely via a network.
  • Data integration with IB-Mes and existing systems is possible.
  • Intuitive understanding of equipment outages through time chart display.
  • Standard support for Japanese and English displays.
  • Production monitor, process production status display, equipment operation status.
  • Camera image display functions.
  • Various graph display functions.
  • You can try it out with our free trial version.
#02 Example Of Information Sharing Configuration
#03 IB-Skin Screen Sample
Whole Factory
IB-Skin 状態表示画面

Status Display In Maintenance Area

The status of each area in the maintenance area is displayed. The risk of heat stroke can be displayed to monitor whether the environment is safe for workers to work in.
IB-Skin 工場全体表示

Factory-Wide Display

The layout diagram of the factory is displayed to monitor the production status of each work area. By color-coding the operating status, you can intuitively see which area is in what condition.
IB-Skin 設備タイムチャート

Equipment Time Chart

The operation and stoppage of each work area is displayed in a time chart. You can intuitively grasp when short time breakdown in the production line or long time down occurred and how often it is stopped. In addition to the actual results, the schedule is also visualized.
IB-Skin 生産モニター

Production Monitor

It displays the production status and progress of the entire factory in a list and drawing. The number of units scheduled to be produced and the estimated time of completion are also displayed, so that you can see the future production.
Work Area
IB-Skin 工程生産状況表示

Process production status display

The production status of the work area can be checked at once, eliminating the need for managers to go around the site. Tickers can also be played to remind workers of targets and safety.
IB-Skin 設備稼働状況

Facility Operation Status

The moving rate of each equipment is displayed in graphs and numerical values. The gap between the target and the moving rate can be grasped at a glance.
IB-Skin 自動盤生産状況

Production Status Of Automatic Plates

For each item, production progress is displayed on a daily and monthly basis. The number of items produced can also be checked, making it easier to identify the cause of production delays.
IB-Skin カメラ映像表示

Camera Image Display

By using a surveillance camera to capture the situation at the site, you can check the details of the site even from a remote location. Some cameras support pan-tilt zoom with manual operation.
IB-Skin 詳細設備稼働状況

Detailed Facility Operation Status

Details of equipment operating status are displayed in numerical values and graphs. It visualizes the details of equipment operating status with various information such as current status operating hours and moving rate.
IB-Skin 設備 詳細稼働情報表示

Equipment Detailed Operation Information Display

The day's production instructions, list of defects, and history of stoppages are all displayed on one screen. This helps you to work with efficiency in mind.
IB-Skin 個別進捗状況一覧

Individual Progress Status List

The daily production plan and its actual results are displayed in a Gantt chart. The daily schedule is easy to grasp, and the gap between the plan and actual results can be grasped intuitively.
IB-Skin グラフ表示サンプル

Graph Display Sample

By combining and displaying various graphs and tables, you can perform multifaceted analysis. This is useful for finding issues that were not visible before.
IB-Skin グラフ表示サンプル

Graph Display Sample

Graphs and lists can be arranged freely. Try laying out the screen in a way that is easy for you to analyze.
IB-Skin 設備別生産進捗表示

Production Progress Display By Facility

The progress of production is displayed along with a graph. By displaying the hourly forecast and actual results, you can easily check when and how much of a gap there was.
IB-Skin 日別発生原価グラフ

Daily Accrual Cost Graph

It can display not only field information, but also information for managers and executives. Because the system is specialized for display, it can be used in any location, including the field or office.
#04 IB-Skin Screen Creation Video

This section explains how to create and display a IB-Skin screen.
You can create screens by attaching diagrams, lists, graphs, and self-made parts in a PowerPoint-like manner without programming.

#05 IB-Skin WEB Sample Page

The screen created by IB-Skin can be viewed from a web browser.
The display content changes at 30-second intervals, but you can manually switch the display content by clicking the ㊂ mark in the upper right corner.

#06 IB-Skin Free Trial Version

IB-Skin offers a free trial version that you can try out beforehand.
After you have tried it, you can use it as the full version by entering the product key after purchase.
To purchase, please contact us via the contact form.

 Download The Free Trial Version
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